Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New book - by the artist Diane Fitzgerald, coming in March 2012

Sometimes I am amazed and cannot believe my eyes ...

This amazing work of art is made by the artist DIANE FITZGERALD. Her art is astonishing.
She writes amazing books. "Diane fitzgerald's favorite beading projects"  is going to be bublished soon.  

I have one of her books "The beaded garden". I find it useful and inspiring: 

Diane is well known and appreciated artist. Just lately she got the Spun Gold Aword from the Textile Center  for lifetime commitment to fiber art!!
In her site you can find very interesting articles. Her site is worth visiting. Inspiring indeed.   
הספרים של דיאן פיצרלד מצויינים. הצילומים "מעוררי תיאבון". ההסברים מדויקים. הפרחים שיצרתי מהספר שלה בוצעו  ללא קושי. הספר "the beaded garden" בעל ערך ומומלץ ביותר. אני מניחה שגם הספרים האחרים שכתבה מצוינים כמוהו. אולי אקנה חלק מהם בקרוב.
בחרתי לכתוב על דיאן מכיוון שהיא אמנית נפלאה. הטיפול שלה בצבעים - מעורר הערכה ואינו מובן מאליו. כך גם העיצוב ששומר על שיווי משקל ונעים כל כך לעין. היא, אגב, כותבת על שיווי משקל בעיצוב במאמרים שלה. ניתן למצוא מאמרים רבים באתר שלה. מבחינתי זו אמנית שמהווה דוגמא למה ניתן ליצור בחרוזים, משהו שהוא הרבה הרבה מעבר ליכולת טכנית. 
אני ממליצה לכם בחום לבקר באתר שלה.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

KITS AND WORKSHOPS - by the artist Cynthia Rutledge

Cynthia Rutledge is one of my favorite artists. 

"Cynthia is a contemporary artist and teacher focusing on beadwork as her medium. She specializes in peyote stitch and off-loom weaving techniques with an emphasis on developing sculptural unsupported shapes in beadwork. Her work has been exhibited in national and international shows and has appeared in Nicolette Stessin'sBeaded Amulet Purses, Carol Taylor's Creative Bead Jewelry, and Carol Wilcox Wells' Creative Bead Weaving: A Contemporary Guide to Classic Off-Loom Stitches..." (from her webside)
Most of her kits and  workshops are for the advanced level beaders, which is nice. I like the idea that a beautiful, complicated piece of work is going to be my challenge. 
Look at these examples..  beautiful!! 
And what do you think about this coming soon retreat
Three of the leading artists Carol Wilcox-Wells, Laura McCabe and Melanie Potter join Cynthia at the Edna Valley Winery for a promising workshop, this summer. It must be the best retreat ever!!  Don't you think?

Friday, January 20, 2012

FREE PATTERN - By the artist Smadar Grossman

Free pattern: Beaded Beads

Smadar Grossman is a well known bead jewelry designer. Her art work and beading patterns are published in books and magazines, such as Bead & Butten, Beadwork, Perlen Poesie. 
This "RIBBEAD" (which is a ribbed beaded bead) free tutorial is published in her blog - SMADAR'S TREASURE.
These are few of Smadar's stunning work of art.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

INSPIRATION - Amazing bead art work - Beaded Tapestry Competition, 2011

This Beautiful beading art is from the "MYSTERY GENRE BOOK COVERS - 2011" competition, runs by LAND OF ODDS.

Here are some rules of the competition taken from the "land of odds":
"Here we use the concept of "Tapestry" in its broadest sense as a stitched, sewn and/or woven wall hanging. Your tapestry may be woven, loomed, stitched, quilted, cross-stitched, crocheted, knitted, sewn, braided, knotted, embroidered, macramed, beaded and the like. Your tapestry will combine fibers/threads/and/or cloth and beads in some way, and the surface area must consist of at least 70% beads. Beads may be used in many ways, such as forming the background canvas of your piece, and/or embellishing your canvas, and/or as fringe, and/or as stitchery covering parts of your piece. Your piece should be mounted or framed in some way, ready for hanging on a wall. Your tapestry may utilize many different techniques".....

You can vote for your favorite, It is still on..

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